7 YouTube Channels That Make Learning STEM Fun

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What does Learning look like on the World Wide Web?

Let’s talk about learning today. How many times have you turned to the huge capital of information called the World Wide Web when you were stuck with a project, or with a deadline you were having a difficulty to match or to learn some DIY tricks, or you know, just to learn? Yes, we know. You can’t remember because you didn’t keep a track. Well, it’s convenient to look up the most complex of concepts up on the Internet when you want to gain a better understanding; or news that you want to keep yourself up to date with.

Is YouTube a good fit for Learning STEM?

online learning on YouTube

That said, did you know that YouTube is a vast community of both learners and teachers? You can learn about everything via YouTube, right from stitching, to black holes; perhaps you want to brush up on Einstein’s theory of relativity, or you know, just watch cat videos. Type the right words in the search bar and there you have it!

Well, today, our agenda is to inform you about educational and interesting channels on YouTube that will make learning STEM fun for you! A lot of STEM enthusiasts like you have been where you are now and have thought of grasping every crumb of knowledge about science and technology. And today, we are going to bring you some such names on YouTube that can help you with that itch in your brain. Now let’s get started and make learning STEM fun for you! Here are a few YouTube channels that you need to subscribe to:


Brought to you by Hank Green, Michael Aranda, and Olivia Gordon, SciShow talks about the incredible and the extraordinary. They have a knack for burrowing into scientific subjects that will most certainly challenge our expectations and scratch that crawling itch of curiosity in our brain. There’s no better way to spend your day than to watch these three guys work their way around science and technology like pros.


Do you have a flair for numbers? Have you ever thanked your stars when you spot a number plate with a universally relevant combination of digits? Do you think everything can be explained by numbers and eventually adds up to them? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this channel is perfect for you! Numberphile is a channel that gives a notable amount of prominence to the world of numbers. It’s by Brady Haran, an Australian-born British independent filmmaker, who is known for his educational videos and documentaries for BBC news on his YouTube channels. Apart from Numberphile, he has several other channels, such as Periodic Videos, and Sixty Symbols. Here’s a link to his personal blog if you want to know more about him and his work!


This one is an absolute gem when it comes to STEM learning via YouTube. VSauce was created by the entertaining and informative Michael Stevens in the summer of 2010. It’s one of the most unique platforms to educate yourself and make learning STEM fun for you. You should check out Mike’s playlist to go through the topics he has to offer. They are extensively gripping and engaging.


Veritasium, by Derek Muller, was nominated for Shorty Award for Best Web Series. That’s a good enough reason for you to head over to the channel right now. In Derek’s words itself, his channel is about “science, education, and anything else I find interesting”. He is a science communicator, filmmaker and sometimes, partner in crime with VSauce’s creator, Michael Stevens.

TED Talks

Now comes the one that has it all. Yes. TED Talks. TED Talks aren’t pragmatically STEM-focused with any hands-on training videos, but they have a great deal of people that share their experiences, ideas and everything you need for motivation and moving forward. The best part about TED Talks is that their topics are not at all limited. You name it, and they have it; whether it be science, technology, global warming, or health. People from all over the world use this platform to share their stories, and needless to say, these conferences are a gold mine for someone that’s looking for inspiration. And it’s free. Go subscribe to their channel now and go over their channel list to get lost in the world of knowledge.

Crash Course 

You’ve heard of Crash Course, right? Who am I kidding; of course you have! Brought into the world by Hank Green and John Green, two very beloved brothers we’re all familiar with, Crash Course is a treasure for STEM enthusiasts. It’s one of the most viewed STEM channels on YouTube. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a parent, this channel is a must. It covers subjects from every corner of STEM. For example physics, astronomy, anatomy, psychology, biology, and many more.


Last, but not least. New in the world of YouTube, STEMpedia is one of the most promising STEM channels out here. They have step-to-step educational videos about topics like robotics, electronics, and programming. For every student out there, that wants to learn and practice in the comfort of their homes, this channel should be a must-go-to. They also have a lot of DIY project videos that come out every Tuesday and Friday. In short, go to their channel right now and have a look at what you’ve been missing out on till now.


In a Nutshell

Learning STEM on YouTube looks like it’s preparing for a long journey. It’s accessible, affordable, and anybody can use it. YouTube is a great learning platform for STEM. Everything can be at the tips of your fingers. You can find everything from tough concepts of Trigonometry to how to fix a light bulb on YouTube; just type in the search bar and have a go at it. We hope you keep these channels in mind and look for more such channels. Keep learning and keep growing!

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