The Ultimate DIY Arduino Robot Kits for Beginners

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Robot Kits are one of the finest ways to implement a big chunk of knowledge into one simple pragmatic outcome. However, being a beginner in DIY can be quite overwhelming when it comes to buying and using a robot kit. Here is STEMpedia’s list of Top 5 Robot Kits for Beginners!

#5 – ArcBotics Sparki

Image Courtesy: Open Home Automation

Sparki is an Arduino robot kit designed for learners. The kit comes pre-assembled so it can be used straight out of the box. Moreover, all its accessories, such as IR remote, Bluetooth module and pen, come free. It can also be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth and IR.

The kit can be programmed using two different programming languages. If you are an Arduino newbie you can start off by learning with how to use the simple block-based programming environment.

With more than 100 free lessons, an open source platform and excellent support, one doesn’t have to struggle to find solutions to any arising problems when using Sparki. This allows the user to spend more time focusing on learning new things, rather than solving hardware and software issues.

You can find the kit HERE.

#4 – OSOYOO: Smart Car

Image Courtesy: Osoyoo

When it comes to handling the Arduino robot kits smartly, no one can beat the OSOYOO robot smart car. It features multiple functionalities and can be controlled via smart devices. This smart kit has improved module with a newly designed wiring socket that simplifies the assembling and wire connections to a great extent. It has a voltmeter to monitor the real-time status of a battery.

A step by step tutorial is provided starting from basic concepts to programming a circuit with the help of neat sketches and graphs. The guidebook allows users to design cars with variations according to the different sensors available. Hence expanding the sample space of possibilities. From an IR controlled vehicle to an Auto-Go Robot Car, the kit is a good choice for exploring various options available.

You can find the kit HERE.

#3 – MakeBlock mBot 1.1 Kit

Image Courtesy: Amazon

Just like most of the other Arduino robot kits, MakeBlock is designed to help beginners learn electronics, robotics, and programming. It is easy to assemble, since it has a simple aluminium extrusion structure, is easy to wire and does not require soldering. Therefore, you can be up and running in no time.

MakeBlock’s structural flexibility is also an important feature that learners will find very helpful. The kit can be used to build two kinds of robots – a three-wheeled robot car or a robot tank. This gives the user more hardware to work with and the opportunity to maximize the use of the sensors and actuators that the kit comes with.

The robot uses an Arduino-based controller known as Me Orion. The board has RJ25 connectors to provide easy and firm connection of cables onto the board. Programming the robot arm can be done using a drag and drop programming platform that is based on Scratch 2.0

The MakeBlock robot can be controlled using Bluetooth. This is made possible by the Bluetooth module that is integrated into the Me Orion board. The kit also comes with the Me IR receiver V2.1 that allows the robot to be controlled with the Me IR remote controller.

You can find the kit HERE.

#2 – UNO: Project Upgraded Smart Car Kit

UNO: Project Upgraded Smart Car Kit
Image Courtesy: Elegoo

It is one of the best kit available in markets now. For its easy assembling and highly reliable nature made to list number two. The kit consists of a number of components and has an easy assembly.

For this, you need to simply connect the elements together as per the instructions in the manual. The manual helps in assembling the robotics and understand the programming concepts with neat diagrams, graphs, and illustrations.

The kit also has a remote control mechanism which allows it to be more fun and play.

However, like many other kits on the list, the kit is limited in its construction that it only can be used to make a car. The possibilities are limited. The kit lacks in elaborate materials to learn from and hence stands second on the list.

You can find the kit HERE.

#1 – evive Starter Kit

evive Starter Kit Components
evive Starter Kit

The evive Starter Kit tops our list with all its supreme functionalities and components. The kit boasts more components than any of the listed bots and offers many more possibilities. The kit lets the children explore the realm of DIY with an ability to teach them while they learn. The edutainment tool at their hands is the best there is.

The brain of the kit is evive which is an all in one prototyping platform. It allows users to meet all their prototyping needs by giving them an easy plug and play interface.

It also allows the user to perform a wide range of activities related to learning, building projects and debugging and connect commonly used actuators like DC motors or servos directly to evive, without having to worry about circuitry for the same, while also allowing the user to control these from the menu itself. The user doesn’t have to spend time, money, and efforts in dealing with and handling several devices together which, in turn, saves time and reduces complexities in project-making.

Against all other kits in the list evive lets the user create more than 100 DIY projects and lets them explore the limitless possibilities of making with several components.

The kit also has a comprehensive manual, The Young Makers’ Guide, which is an amalgamation of a lot of tutorials and how-to’s. The kit not only lets the user create but also teaches them much more in the course of their edutainment. The kit also provides the user with a few applications – Dabble and Pictoblox – which can be used to give the projects the technological edge they need. Dabble transforms your Smartphone into a virtual I/O device and lets you control and communicate with hardware via Bluetooth, access sensors like the accelerometer, GPS, camera, and proximity and other features of your Smartphone. While Pictoblox is a Scratch 3.0-based graphical programming software that is the ideal companion for setting the first step into the world of programming. Its user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality eliminate the need to memorize syntax.

All in all, evive turns out to be the best kit on our list.

You can find the kit HERE.

In a Nutshell

STEM is a buzz in the education community and the market is thriving with a huge pool of resources to buy from. One must remember that beginners need to be given the right push with the optimal amount of resources to let them have a long enduring start in the realm of DIY. The kits listed are the best of what we found and the potential to learn from these kits is the highest.

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