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Top Resources to Prepare your Kids for the AI Revolution

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Artificial Intelligence has travelled a long way from just being a piece of fictional storyline to a real-life experience. The high-tech concepts like self-driving vehicles or voice recognition virtual assistants in the movies have been crafted into real machines that work the same and are being used by humans in their daily life to manage their regular chores. These wondrous features like being efficient at managing chores and productivity in outputs are placing AI over many human roles in industries and making it an important career domain. According to the World Economic Forum, 85 million jobs like customer executives, will be eliminated, and 97 million new ones, like AI data analysts, will be created by 2025.

The statistics mentioned above would be arousing several questions in your mind like- How would the AI work future look like, how to prepare our kids for the AI Revolution, and many more. Don’t worry, just sit back & lend us your ears for the next few minutes and see how we help you make your kid’s preparation a super-fun ride like experience.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Before diving into the preparation let’s start short and simple- What is AI? It is a vast branch of computer science associated with building high-tech machines capable of performing tasks that generally require human intelligence like assistance, driving and customer services. 

Automatic AI Robots & machines like Alexa, Siri & Face IDs are making human life more comfortable by lessening their work engagement and providing them with time-efficient outcomes in a very personalised manner. This wondrous feature of AI technology is also making it the right fit for industries. Sectors involving large manpower like manufacturing are replacing human workforce with AI robots to receive more favourable outcomes in less input and labour. This change is going all around the globe very drastically, thus leading to the AI Revolution. 

Reading the above paragraph might have given you chill and ill thoughts about the AI work future. Relax! AI is also making human efforts more centralised. Now humans need to work for operating and commanding AI technology, requiring 21st century skills and an upgraded mindset. It would be a ‘Human – Robot Collaboration’ work era. 

Seeing the bigger picture it is crystal clear that an individual needs to upgrade its skills. This upgradation is not only important for the working employees but also crucial for the young generation and kids too as it is the work future they would end up in.

Kids’s Preparation for The AI Revolution

In the present age, kids are growing in a high-tech AI environment. A little helping hand is needed and they are able to use AI tools and operate robots. They are smart enough to know about the auto video suggestions on YouTube and usage of Google Assistant. Gearing them up with 21st-century skills like coding, programming, robotics and animation will empower them to cope up with the AI Revolution in the working sectors. 

Since it requires advancement in the AI learning process of kids there must also be an advancement in the teaching methods of educators. Traditional teaching methods and specifications to native career domains would be a glitch in the matrix. So, there emerges a need for new learning resources capable of accompanying kids in their preparation for the future in an engaging and interesting way. 

STEMpedia offers the following top five AI- learning resources to coach your little students for the AI ball game, this time in a more fascinating manner- 

  • AI-based Mechanical Kits- 

Hands-on experience is an essential component in mastering skills because theoretical knowledge until not practicalized, lies incomplete. Give your students complete hands-on learning experience with our latest AI Robot DIY Kit, Quarky. It proves to be the best AI-learning companion for kids because it is easy-to-use and fun-to-operate, avoiding boredom and practicalizing AI for them. Moreover, giving them practical approaches at such a young age would empower them to be future AI-tech innovators and rule their domain in the coming AI Revolution. 

Also read our previous blog- Quarky: The Best AI Robot DIY Kit to discover more about this interesting AI-learning mate for your kids.

  • Programming Softwares

Programming and Coding are the two necessary 21st Century skills. Better say, the backbone of AI-driven careers. Since to be taught to kids it must be simplified and flavored with joy. Hence, it requires a learning software which is easy-to-use and interesting to operate. Understanding these necessities, Quarky is accompanied with Pictoblox- an AI-enabled graphical programming software for kids to learn complex AI topics and coding in an interactive and playful manner. Scratch based coding makes it precise for kids by simplifying coding for them and its affordability makes it available for every single student of the classroom. Click to get more information about the wondrous features of Pictoblox- the best programming software for children

  • Online Courses- 

Interactive learning courses from the experts, make AI learning journeys more interesting and engaging. Quarky Robot DIY Kit includes self-paced and properly assisted AI-learning online courses that allows children to learn industry standard concepts like gesture tracking, optical character recognition and much more, in a very joyous and playful manner. Not just AI, kids can also learn Python and Robotics with these wondrous courses, making it a precise choice for self-paced AI-learning.

Do check our accurately structured AI- Learning online courses for kids on STEMpedia’s official page for online courses and feel the joy of learning with the best minds.

  • Projects & Activities-

Kids are fond of building things. Either it could be as simple as a House of Cards or as constructive as integrating a Transformer Robot. But what if they get an opportunity to construct high-tech AI-based projects. The opportunities range from Self-driving cars to Gesture-Controlled Robots. With Quarky kids can build exciting AI-based Capstone Projects & activities that enhance their algorithmic thinking and creative approach. In other words, polish their 21st century skills.

Check out our latest AI-based Projects and activities on our Quarky Kickstarter Campaign and elevate your student’s AI-learning game.

  • YouTube Video Tutorials- 

STEMpedia’s official YouTube channel is a great platform for AI & Robotics                learning resources. It offers various intriguing AI project-making video tutorials which are prepared in a very interactive and easy-to-learn manner. Now kids can prepare their AI based project with step-by-step instructions from the expert minds of the enlarging AI domain, making their learning experience more fascinating.

Visit our YouTube channel to discover more exciting content on AI-based Projects and enhance your kid’s AI-learning process.

In a Nutshell

Artificial Intelligence is spreading wings and in no time will occupy the sky. So, to face this challenge Gen Z should also be taught to fly & and this time fly-high. This training should be started from the very beginning of their education to empower them to excel in this AI Revolution. They should be taught Artificial Intelligence not just to cope-up but to stand out and build something worthy on their own. This scenario can turn to real life only if they are mentored with right teaching methods from educators and precise AI-learning gears to enhance their 21st century skills.

STEMpedia stands-out as the precise learning place for your student’s AI-learning journey with all-in-one solutions for their learning necessities. Do check our latest Quarky Robot DIY kit – the best AI-learning and teaching mate to give your AI-learning journey a super-fun roller-coaster experience.






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