Technical Content Writer

Location: Ahmedabad
Number of Openings: 1

Job Overview

Creating highly engaging content in the field of robotics learning and project building cutting across technical content, support content, training content, promotional content etc.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To understand the Company's content strategy and manage the breadth across which Company delivers it's content while understanding and meeting needs and expectations of the intended audience, which constitutes buyers, users, trainer etc. of different age groups and skill sets.
  • Developing, editing and ensuring that the content is of the right quality, is delivered at the right time, appeals to the right audience and creates curiosity/intention/advocacy/etc.
  • The content is typically available into digital and offline formats, is classified into support content, training content and promotional content. While digital formats are made available through the website etc., offline formats are made available with product purchase.
  • Developing and updating support content which constitutes of tutorials, set of instructions, project documentation, product guides/manuals, project books, LMS etc. with the help of Training & Support Team.
  • Developing and updating training content which constitutes of training curriculum for STEM education and training for different age groups- school going students, and college going students, which shall primarily be supplied by Support Team.
  • Developing and updating promotional content which constitutes of blogs, newsletters, advertisements, press releases, collaborative communication etc., which shall primarily be supplied by Business Development.
  • Educate yourself with latest writing styles and content types in industry, observe trends, analyze competitors and other businesses operating in the industry.
  • Evaluate feedback and work towards improving communication and maximizing consumer delight.
  • Undertake any other reasonable duties as may be required for the delivery of your responsibilities.
  • Create an environment that treats people with respect and enables them to develop and realise their potential.

Required Skills

  • Strong command over language, stronger verbal and written communication skills.
  • Boasts of a creative and entrepreneurial attitude and knows what geeks and their parents would love to read.
  • Experience of reading, writing and influencing/hypnotizing people with words, maybe through blogs/stories or technical documents etc. Experience with WordPress or something similar would kill it.
  • Knowledge of necessary MS Office tools, well versed with impactful communication techniques and spellbound with words.
  • Can handle writing for multiple audiences in a variety of formats at once across different applications like support content or training content or promotional content.
  • Understands the life, needs and cravings of a geek audience.
  • Demonstrates the ability to create and lead a team from scratch to new heights while ensuring their motivation and performance.
  • Eats humour for breakfast, influence for lunch, hypnosis for dinner and can win a reading marathon while asleep.
  • The Company is yours, it's reputation is yours, it's criticism and appreciation is yours, it's ups and downs are yours- own each one of them with your heart.
  • Passionate to work in a challenging and growth driven entrepreneurial environment while stepping out of comfort zone to achieve desired goals.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to develop effective working relationships with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Strong organisational skills with the ability to set and adhere to strict deadlines and to manage competing priorities.


  • Degree or equivalent relevant professional qualification, preferably related to writing, creative writing, language, communication etc.
  • Proven experience in a writing or communications or a similar role with a growing business or a start-up.
  • Attention to detail and a knack for identifying the least impactful phrase in a page in a glimpse in a jiffy. High five if you did ;)
Salary (LPA): 3.0-4.5 (depending on qualification, experience and skills) + Performance based incentives & Bonuses; exceptions considered
Incentives and Bonus:

Performance incentives depend on individual, departmental and overall company performance while bonuses are solely depended on the discretion of Board of Directors.

About Us

Agilo Research thrives towards imparting creativity and innovativeness by developing 21st century skills in youth.

Founded by young engineering graduates from IIT Kanpur, the company develops effective STEM learning and prototyping solutions for everyone. It’s first brand, evive, simplifies skill development and project building in the field of robotics and related fields and is targeted towards students and hobbyists. Join us to participate in the new revolution towards technology democratization.

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