Internet of Things (IoT) for Kids

A step ahead into home automation with engineering activities for kids

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The Internet of things curriculum has specially been designed for students for grade 7+ to introduce them to the wonders of IoT, home automation, and plant health monitoring through exciting hands-on STEM activities and projects.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this curriculum, students will have a basic understanding of IoT, home automation and plant health monitoring. The activities in this curriculum, focusing on experiential learning, will help them develop skills such as DIY-ing, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork.


Completed Physical Computing for Kids Level 2

Curriculum Lesson Plan

Section 1 - Internet of Things Basics

1.1 - IoT – Send Data to Cloud using ESP8266
Basics of Internet of things (IoT) and how to send data to the cloud (ThingSpeak) using ESP8266 Wi-Fi module.
1.2 - IoT – Retrieve Data from Cloud using ESP8266
How to get retrieve data from ThingSpeak (Cloud) in an IoT system using evive and ESP8266?
1.3 - IoT – Getting Weather Data from Internet
How to get the weather data for a location using API requests from OpenWeatherMaps API?

Section 2 - Home Automation

2.1 - Publishing Temperature and Humidity on Internet
Publish temperature and humidity data on ThingSpeak (Internet) using DHT11 sensor, evive, and ESP8266.
2.2 - Soil Moisture Sensor
Learn how to measure and monitor the soil moisture using evive and PictoBlox to keep plants healthy.
2.3 - Detecting Motion with PIR Sensor
Use a PIR Motion sensor to detect the movement or presence of a human in the room.
2.4 - Relay Module
Basics of the relay module, its working principle, and circuitry. Make a project to control the light bulb using evive and relay.
2.5 - Home Automation using Voice Commands
Make a voice-activated light bulb using evive, Dabble and relay module and do home automation.
2.6 - Touch Switchboard
Make a capacitive touch-based switchboard which controls the light bulb by touching fruits.

What will you need to Conduct this Curriculum?

STEM Add-On Bundle - IoT

Introduce students to the magic of the Internet by taking them to the world of the IoT. 


Graphical Programming Software for kids to make games, animation and program robots.

Dabble App

Smartphone app that lets you control the projects wirelessly.

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