Internet of Things (IoT) for Kids

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Section 1 - Internet of Things Basics

1.1 - IoT – Send Data to Cloud using ESP8266
Basics of Internet of things (IoT) and how to send data to the cloud (ThingSpeak) using ESP8266 Wi-Fi module.
1.2 - IoT – Retrieve Data from Cloud using ESP8266
How to get retrieve data from ThingSpeak (Cloud) in an IoT system using evive and ESP8266?
1.3 - IoT – Getting Weather Data from Internet
How to get the weather data for a location using API requests from OpenWeatherMaps API?

Section 2 - Home Automation

2.1 - Publishing Temperature and Humidity on Internet
Publish temperature and humidity data on ThingSpeak (Internet) using DHT11 sensor, evive, and ESP8266.
2.2 - Soil Moisture Sensor
Learn how to measure and monitor the soil moisture using evive and PictoBlox to keep plants healthy.
2.3 - Detecting Motion with PIR Sensor
Use a PIR Motion sensor to detect the movement or presence of a human in the room.
2.4 - Relay Module
Basics of the relay module, its working principle, and circuitry. Make a project to control the light bulb using evive and relay.
2.5 - Home Automation using Voice Commands
Make a voice-activated light bulb using evive, Dabble and relay module and do home automation.
2.6 - Touch Switchboard
Make a capacitive touch-based switchboard which controls the light bulb by touching fruits.

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