Introduction to Programming for Kids

Basic coding for kids with Scratch blocks-based graphical coding

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Introduction to Coding for Kids is a coding curriculum designed by our curriculum experts for teaching basic coding to kids.

The curriculum has been designed to introduce students to programming with our Scratch code blocks based graphical programming software, PictoBlox through coding activities for middle school such as animating characters, drawing shapes, making an automatic grading system, etc.

With its clear explanations and a variety of exciting coding activities for kids, Introduction to Coding for Kids will help students develop basic coding skills.

Learning Outcomes

After completing Introduction to Programming, students will become familiar with programming basics, algorithms, logical reasoning, and conditional programming with the help of a variety of coding activities.

Apart from the aforementioned learning outcomes, this STEM curriculum will also help them develop skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.



Curriculum Lesson Plan

Section 1 - Getting Started

Students will be introduced to coding and its elements with a Scratch blocks-based graphical coding software – PictoBlox – and interesting hands-on coding activities.

1.1 - Introduction to Programming
What is a program? What are the different stages of writing a program? Introduction to PictoBlox software and its interface.
1.2 - Backdrop, Costume, and Animations
What is a backdrop and a costume in PictoBlox? How to add them to a project to make cool animations?
1.3 - Drawing Shapes in PictoBlox
How to draw lines in PictoBlox using the Pen extension? How to use the repeat block to make the script easy to debug?

Section 2 - Basic Coding Concepts

Students will be introduced to basic coding concepts such as variables, arithmetic operators, logical operators, and conditional statements.

2.1 - Variables in PictoBlox
What is a variable and its purpose in a program? How to create a variable and manipulate its value in PictoBlox?
2.2 - Arithmatic Operators
What is the operator? What are the different kinds of operators in PictoBlox? What are the arithmetic operators?
2.3 - Conditional Statements in PictoBlox
How do the various conditional statements in PictoBlox - if, if-else, repeat, forever - function?
2.4 - Logical Operators – Make a Calculator
How do the various logical operators in PictoBlox - AND, OR and NOT - function? What are the different uses of logical operators?

Section 3 - Capstone Project

After learning the basics of programming, students will make a project in PictoBlox, which can be a game, a quiz or a story. Students will work on the project for 3 sessions.

Students can be given themes on which they can make the project like:

  1. Clean Water and Sanitation
  2. Life Below Water
  3. Zero Hunger
  4. Agriculture
  5. Traffic System

What will you need to Conduct this Curriculum?


Graphical Programming Software for kids to make games, animation and program robots.

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