Robotics for Kids – Level 1

Robotics basics with the help of fun robotics projects for kids

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Robotics for Kids – Level 1 is a middle school STEM robotics curriculum designed by curriculum experts for teaching kids robotics with hands-on robotics activities such as assembling a basic mobile robot, building a Smartphone-controlled robot, a Follow Me robot, etc.

With its clear explanations and a variety of exciting simple yet exciting robotics projects for school students, Robotics for Kids – Level 1 is the perfect way to learn to build robots.

Learning Outcomes

After completing Robotics for Kids – Level 1, students will be able to understand the basics of robotics, algorithms, etc with the help of a wide variety of hands-on activities.

Apart from the aforementioned learning outcomes, this STEM curriculum will also help them develop important skills such as problem-solving, attention to detail, patience, and debugging.


Completed Physical Computing for Kids – Level 1.

Curriculum Lesson Plan

Section 1 - Basics of Robotics

Students will first be introduced to robotics and then to the essentials of building a robot the DIY way as they learn how to build a Smartphone-controlled robot, a follow-me robot, and a gripper.

1.1 - Introduction to Robotics – Part 1
What are robots? What are their characteristics? Classification of robots. Applications of robots in different fields. Basic components of a mobile robot - gripper, wheels, and actuators.
1.2 - Introduction to Robotics – Part 2
Basic components of a mobile robot - chassis, sensors, brain (evive). What is the importance of programming in robotics?
1.3 - Smartphone Controlled Robot – Assembly
How to assemble the basic structure of a mobile robot?
1.4 - Smartphone Controlled Robot – Circuitry
How to control the movement of a two wheel mobile robot using evive?
1.5 - Smartphone Controlled Robot – Programming
How to make a custom block (function) in PictoBlox? How to control a robot using Dabble's Gamepad module?
1.6 - Follow Me Robot – Calibrating IR Sensors
What is an IR sensor? How does it work? How to connect it to evive and calibrate it to detect objects in close proximity?
1.7 - Follow Me Robot – Programming
How to program the IR sensors of the robot to detect objects in front of it and follow them?
1.8 - Shy Robot – Programming Challenge
Students have to make a robot that runs away from the object in front of it - opposite to follow me robot.
1.9 - Gripper
What is a gripper? How to use a gripper to automate tasks such as picking and placing objects?

Section 2 - Capstone Project

After learning the basics of robotics, students will make a light following robot using light sensors. The student will use four light sensors attached to the body of the robot. Based on the reading of the sensors, the robot will be programmed to move forward, backward, left and right.

The students will work on the project for 3 sessions.

What will you need to Conduct this Curriculum?

STEM Classroom Bundle

The Best STEM Resources for Sparking Innovation in Kids.


Graphical Programming Software for kids to make games, animation and program robots.

Dabble App

Smartphone app that lets you control the projects wirelessly.

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