Difficulty: Beginner



DIY 3D Printed Text Display

IntroductionIf you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special, look no further! The DIY…

DIY Smart Hand Band for Blind

IntroductionThe 21st century is seeing tremendous technological advancements. These advancements are amazingly taking care of…

DIY New Year Greeting Card

IntroductionGifts and cards that are made by hand are always more thoughtful, more valuable, and…

DIY Smart Trash Bin

IntroductionDo you think trash bins can be smart? Have you ever seen a trash bin…

DIY Paper Circuit

IntroductionWho said to make a circuit you need wires, PCBs, and soldering machine and stuff?…

DIY Smart Shopping Cart

Introduction Visiting malls can be fun. But dragging the Shopping Cart along as you fill…
Chuck Glider

Aerospace Kit: Chuck Glider

IntroductionCurious about how the majestic birds, these huge planes glide so effortlessly in the sky…
DIY RBG Googles


IntroductionIt’s a calm Sunday afternoon and you’re wandering by the road lost in thought of…

Space Battle

IntroductionBy now, you have written a good number of programs in PictoBlox. It’s time to…
Feeding Shark

The Hungry Shark

IntroductionSharks are hungry creatures. And so is the one in our game! The aim of…
Beetle in a Maze

Beetle in a Maze

IntroductionThe time has come to do something super exciting! We are going to create an…

The Breakdance Showdown

IntroductionThe greatest Breakdance showdown is back in town, and the best breakdancer the town has…

DIY Turntable | Become an Artist

In this project, you will make a small DIY turntable, whose speed and direct on can be controlled using slide switch and potentiometer of evive.

Touch-Based Piano

IntroductionIn this project, we will make an eight key DIY piano using capacitive touch. The…
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ldr circuit

How to interface LDR with evive

Introduction A Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) or a photoresistor is a resistor whose resistance changes as the intensity of…

Getting Started with TFT Display

Introduction evive has a TFT display for visual feedback. Visual feedback is very useful for electronics projects…
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