Beta Function Generator

June 2, 2017


evive has a built-in 12-bit digital to analog converter using IC MCP4725 (IIC Address 0x60 or 0x62). It is controlled using IIC (or I2C) commands on Arduino MEGA of evive with an output range of 0 to 5V. With the use of this IC, evive menu provides an option of generating analog signals.

Menu Beta Function Generator Selected

Function Generator Sine Wave

Using the menu, you can generate waves like

  1. Sine
  2. Square
  3. Triangular
  4. Saw-tooth
  5. Analog signal

All the shapes are provided with an option to control amplitude between 0 to 5V and the frequency up to a few hundred Hertz. Its frequency is limited in the range of  8.5Hz ~ 500Hz.

Function Generator Sine Wave Panel

The user can set the desired output voltage and the desired frequency using potentiometer knobs.

evive function generator

You can use another evive and visualize the signals on the mini oscilloscope.evive Beta Function Generator

Sine Wave

evive Function generator Sine Wave

Square Wave

evive Function Generator Square Wave

Triangular Wave

Triangular Wave

Saw-tooth  Wave

Saw-tooth Wave

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