Hardware Interaction

April 20, 2017

The hardware interaction module helps interface with hardware easily, within seconds and without any messy wires


The two 10kOhm knob potentiometers can be used directly from the screen to control motor PWM and servo angles in our firmware. Potentiometers 1 and 2 can be accessed at Arduino pins A9 and A10, respectively.

evive Potentiometers

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Slide Switches

There are two 3-way SPDT slide switches.

Slide switch 1 is connected to Arduino pins 40 and 41, both active high. This means that when the switch is slid up, pin 28 is high, when it slides down, pin 29 is high while both are low when the switch is in the middle. Slide switch 2 is connected to pins 42 and 43, and behave similarly as above.

evive Slide Switch

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Note that pins 40-43 are all pulled low, i.e. they will be at 0V (and not floating) when the switch is not engaged.

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Tactile Switches

The two tactile switches are connected to Arduino pins 38 and 39, both active high. This means that the pins are at +5V when the switch is pressed, and at 0V (Ground) otherwise.

evive Tactile Switch Pushbuttons

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Note that pins 38, 39 are pulled low, i.e. they will be at 0V (and not floating) when the switch is not pressed.

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Touch Interface

evive has 12 touch outputs, which are interfaced via the MPR121 chip using SPI interface. The touch library is easy-to-use, and you can just plug wire from the outputs to any conducting surface, and get a touch-sensitive surface!
evive Capacitive Touch Pins

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Joystick or 5-way navigational key

evive has inbuilt 5-way navigational (or Joystick), which is used to navigate in evive menu based system. The navigational key has 4 directions: left, right, up and down. This information is provided by the analog pin A11.

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