Capacitive Touch

June 2, 2017


evive has 12 touch inputs, which are interfaced via the MPR121 chip using SPI interface. The touch library is easy-to-use, and you can just plug wire from the outputs to any conducting surface, and get a touch-sensitive surface!

evive Capacitive Touch Pins

Programming in Arduino IDE

To use touch inputs in Arduino IDE, you have to evive Library


This code detects if someone has touched banana attached to channel 1 of Touch inputs and display the state on TFT Screen.

Programming in PictoBlox (Scratch)

To get the state of touch pins in Scratch, you have to use channel () touched block. Channel () touched block can be found under the Robots palette in the extension evive Inbuilt tools. If the specified channel is touched, the block returns “True”, else it returns false.

channel touched


  • Playing Piano on the evive buzzer

touch example 2

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channel touched

channel () touched?

evive Inbuilt tools. evive have 12 capacitive touch inputs, where you can sense if the pin is touched or not. If the specified channel is touched, the block returns “True”, else it returns false.

Touch-Based Piano

Make an eight key DIY piano using capacitive touch inputs. The sound is generated using a piezo buzzer which is in-built (in evive).


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