Physical Specifications

June 2, 2017


evive has a dimension of 115mm x 140mm x 32mm, which makes it compact for a large variety of projects.


evive weighs about 340 grams with internal battery inside it.

Mounting Holes

evive has VESA mount, with a 75mm x 75mm layout. Using M3 bolts one can mount evive on their projects easily.

evive VESA Mounting

Magic Lid

On the top side, we call the lid as Magic Lid. It gives you infinite possibilities for prototyping, bread-boarding,  touch sensors, IoT shields for HC05, XBee and ESP8266 ESP-12e and many more. It can be opened from the left side of evive with a finger.

Cooling VentsMagic Lid

evive has a very efficient power module inside it. Sometimes, while drawing large currents, it gets heated up and hence cooling vents are provided at the back of evive to prevent any damage due to heating.

evive Cooling Vents

Rubber Pads

evive has 4 rubber pads provided at the bottom casing of the evive, which helps in better gripping to any surface it is placed.

evive Rubber Pads


evive has a 170 pin mini breadboard under its magic lid. The breadboard can be used for prototyping and for projects.

evive Mini Breadboard

Breadboard Mounts

evive has breadboard mounts to snap large breadboard to evive. There are mainly two types of breadboard present, one is the round shaped snap and one with the trapezium shaped snap. In evive, both types of snaps are present, where you mount your extra breadboard and enjoy making your projects

evive breadboeard mount

Interact with evive

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