Connecting Bluetooth Modules, ESP32 and T-Watch to PictoBlox

Now that you have installed PictoBlox and are ready to get your yourself started with the DIY routine, you get stuck while connecting your Bluetooth module be it an HC-05, HM-10 or ESP32 or T-Watch to PictoBlox. We are here to help you get through it. Follow the instructions given here and you will be good to go. Before moving ahead, you need to check the Bluetooth version of your PC or the laptop.

Checking the Bluetooth Version of Your Windows:

Follow the steps to check the Bluetooth version of your windows.

  1. Open the Start Menu by pressing Win + X.
  2. Next, select Device Manager.Choosing Device Manager
  3.  Pull-down the drop-down of Bluetooth. You may notice the names of multiple Bluetooth devices available.
  4. Next, select your Bluetooth Brand and right-click on it to check the Properties.selecting bluetooth properties
  5. To check the firmware, click on the Advanced tab. The number next to the slash is the LMP number that shows the version of the Bluetooth, that your PC is using. Firmware Version

You can find the Bluetooth version of the respective LMP No. from the table given here.

LMP Version Table

LMP No.Bluetooth Version
LMP 9.xBluetooth 5.0
LMP 8.xBluetooth 4.2
LMP 7.xBluetooth 4.1
LMP 6.xBluetooth 4.0
LMP 5.xBluetooth 3.0 + HS
LMP 4.xBluetooth 2.1 + EDR
LMP 3.xBluetooth 2.0 + EDR
LMP 2.xBluetooth 1.2
LMP 1.xBluetooth 1.1
LMP 0.xBluetooth 1.0b

Checking the Hardware Information on Windows

Now that we have checked the Bluetooth version, it’s time to check the hardware information of your system.

  1. Open the Start Menu(Wind + X) and select Device Manager.Choosing Device Manager
  2. Next, expand the Universal Serial Bus Devices, you may find Bluetooth Radio. Select it and right-click on it and choose Properties. Universal Serial Bus Device
  3. Click on Details and select Hardware IDsHardware IDs


Installing the Bluetooth 4.0 Driver on Windows

Now that you know the version of the Bluetooth your PC is using, now its time to install the Bluetooth 4.0 driver, follow the steps to know-how:

evive Notes Icon
While you install a new Bluetooth 4.0 Driver- it leads to disabling your own system Bluetooth driver. To restore the system Bluetooth click on the link here.
  1. To install the driver, first, you need to download the Zadig tool.
  2. Run the Zadig tool and choose Options and then choose List All Devices.Zadig tool
  3. From the drop-down list, choose your device and then click on Replace Driver.Zadig tool

Uninstalling the Bluetooth Driver and Restoring the System Bluetooth

Now that you have installed a Bluetooth 4.0 driver and you want to restore back the system Bluetooth driver you need to follow the steps here.

  1. Once again open the Start Menu (Win + X) and again choose Device Manager.Choosing Device Manager
  2. Expand Universal Serial Bus devices, and select Bluetooth Radio. Right-click on it to choose the Properties.Universal Serial Bus Device
  3. Click on Driver and then click on Uninstall Device.Uninstalling Bluetooth Device
  4. Select the checkbox of Delete the driver software for this device, and then click on Uninstall.Uninstalling Device

Once you have uninstalled the driver, restart your windows. Follow the steps below to check whether your Bluetooth driver has been restored or not.

  1.  Open the Start Menu by pressing Win + X.
  2. Next, select Device Manager.
  3. Pull-down the drop-down of Bluetooth. If your Bluetooth Name appears below it, it indicates that the Bluetooth is restored.

As the Bluetooth driver is restored, it is now ready to be used in PictoBlox.

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