Blocks are puzzle-piece shapes that are used to create code in Scratch. The blocks connect to each other vertically like a jigsaw puzzle, where each data type (hat blockstack blockreporter blockboolean block, or cap block) has its own shape and a specially shaped slot for it to be inserted into, which prevents syntax errors. Series of connected blocks are called scripts.

Blocks by Category

The block palette is under the Code tab. It consists of different palettes such as Motion, Sound, and Control. Each palette has different blocks that perform functions specified by the palette name. E.g., the blocks in the Motion palette will control the motion of the sprite and the blocks in the Control palette will control the working of the script depending on specific conditions.

Below is the list of palettes and the functions their blocks perform:

Block CategoryColorFunction
Motion BlockMedium BlueTo control sprite's movement
Looks BlockVioletTo control sprite's appearance
Sound BlockLight PurpleTo play sound. Explore Sounds tab to record, upload a music or edit sounds.
Control BlockBurnt OrangeTo control the flow of script (using conditions)
Event BlockOccur YellowTo sense events, which trigger scripts to run. These are essential for every project
Sensing BlockLight BlueTo detect different factors of a project
Operator BlockLight GreenTo do math calculations and handle strings
Variables Block (Data Block)OrangeTo hold values and string in variables and display them on the screen
My BlocksLight PinkTo make custom blocks

Block by Shape

There are six different types of blocks classified on the basis of their shapes:

Block TypeShapeFunction
Hat BlockHatBlockThese blocks start every script. Because of the shape you can only place blocks below it.
Stack BlockStack BlockThese blocks perform main commands. Blocks can be placed above and below them.
C BlockC BlockBlocks placed inside the C block are executed in loop (again and again).
Cap BlockCap BlockThese block end scripts. No block can be placed below these blocks.
Boolean BlockThese block output only ‘True’ or ‘False’. These are identified by hexagonal shape.
Reporter BlockReporter BlockThese block outputs values, both number and strings (collection of characters). They are rounded at edges.

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