connect left leg () right left () left foot () right foot ()

connect leg servo blocks

Connect left leg () right left () left foot () right foot () block is a stack block available in Humanoid Robot extension for evive and other Arduino boards. This block defines the PWM pins to which all the four servos of legs(2 servos of legs + 2 servos of feet) are connected.

Input Parameters

All the drop-down are to select the channels to which the servos are connected. By default, the values are set to 2, 3, 4, and 5.

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Note: This block is available in both Stage and Upload mode.


Here, in the given script, the humanoid robot will move forward and backward.

  1. Define PWM pins for the servos of legs and feet are connected.
  2. The humanoid robot will continuously move forward then wait and again move back to its initial position i.e. from the position where it started moving.connect leg servo blocks example
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Note: Before working with the Humanoid Robot, we need to calibrate the hands such that they are straight and calibrate the legs in such a way that they are facing forward. 

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