connect servos – base () link 1 () link 2 () rotational () gripper ()

Connect Servos block

Connect servos – base () link 1 () link 2 () rotational () gripper () block is a stack block available in Robotic Arm extension for evive and other Arduino boards. This block defines the PWM pins to which each of the servos are connected.

Input Parameters

All the drop-down are to select the channels to which the servos are connected. By default, the values are set to 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

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Note: This block is available in both Stage and Upload mode.


Here, in the given script, the robotic arm will move to one position, wait there for a while and then move to another position.

  1. Define PWM pins for the servos connected.
  2. The robotic arm will forever move between the two positions.

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Note: Before working with the Robotic Arm, we need to calibrate the robotic arm. To calibrate the robotic arm, click here.

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