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Get () sensors reading block is a reporter block available in Dabble extension for evive and other Arduino boards. Dabble phone sensor module give the real-time reading of the following sensors to evive: Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, magnetometer, light meter, sound meter, GPS, temperature sensor and barometer. This block reports the current value of the selected sensor.

Dabble Phone Sensor Accelerometer & Gyroscope

You can choose the sensor from the drop-down menu:

get sensor reading

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Note: This block is available in both Upload mode and Stage mode.


  1. Accelerometer:
    accelerometer data display on screen
  2. Gyroscope:
    gyroscope data display on screen
  3. Magnetometer:
    magnetometer data display on screen
  4. Proximity sensor:
    proximity data display on screen
  5. Light sensor:
    light data display on screen
  6. Sound sensor:
    sound data display on screen
  7. GPS location:
    GPS location data display on screen
  8. Temperature sensor:
    temperature data display on screen
  9. Barometer:
    Pressure data display on screen

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