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slide switch () is in the state ()?

The block check takes the slide switch number (1 or 2) and state to be checked for (Up or Down) as input and returns “True” if the slide switch is in the specified state and “False” if it is not in the specified state.

Sound Block

Sound blocks are color-coded pink and are used to control sound and MIDI functions.


Sprites, either user-created, uploaded, or found in the sprites library, are the objects that perform actions in a project. While the Stage can also be programmed in a project, most projects have at least one sprite as well because only sprites can move. 

Stack Block

A Stack block is a rectangular block that is shaped to fit above and below other blocks. Stack blocks make up the majority of the blocks available in Scratch, being available in every category except Operators.


The Stage is the term for the background of the project but can have scripts, backdrops (costumes), and sounds, similar to a sprite. It has some restrictions on sprite functionality, such as motion and size blocks.

Stage Mode

In this mode, you can write scripts for the sprite and boards like evive to interact with sprites in real-time. If you disconnect the board with Pictoblox, you cannot interact with the board anymore.

stop data logger

Stop data logger is a stack block available in Dabble extension for evive and other Arduino boards. The Data Logger of the IoT module monitors…

stop music

stop music is a stack block available in Dabble extension for evive and other Arduino boards. The Music module allows you to play tones, songs…

tactile switch () pressed?

evive has two tactile switches; this block checks if either of them is pressed. The switch whose state you want to check can be chosen from the drop-down menu on this block. It returns “true” if the switch is pressed and “false” if the switch is not pressed.

Upload Mode

This mode allows you to write scripts and upload it to the board so that you can use even when it is not connected your computer, for example, you need to upload a script for making moving robots.

when evive starts up

when evive starts up block is an evive extension block and a Hat block. Scripts that wear this block gets converted into Arduino code when you are in Upload Mode. This block is used when one has to upload a code into evive.

write ()

This block is used to write text on evive’s TFT display.