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get () color value for cell row () col ()

Get () color value for cell row () col ()  is a reporter block available in Dabble Extension for evive and other Arduino boards. The Color Detector module of Camera Module…

get () from clock

The block returns the value of “hours”, “minutes”, “seconds”, "date", "month", "year" or "weekday" from evive’s RTC. 

get () from DHT sensor at pin ()

The block reports either the temperature or humidity (selected from the dropdown menu) from DHT sensor connected to the digital pin selected from the drop-down menu.

get () from gamepad

The block returns the real-time value of the selected parameter (X value, Y value, radial value, and angle) form the joystick and accelerometer mode of the Gamepad module of the Dabble app. You can choose the parameter from the drop-down menu.

get () sensors reading

Dabble phone sensor module give the real-time reading of the following sensors to evive: Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, magnetometer, light meter, sound meter, GPS, temperature sensor and barometer. This block reports the current value of the selected sensor.

get potentiometer () value

Dabble input module has 2 potentiometers whose value can be varied from 0 to 1023 by the user. This block reports the current value of the selected potentiometer.

get timer value

The block returns the time passed since the device is turned ON or since the timer has been reset. This block returns time in milliseconds.

get ultrasonic sensor distance (cm) trig () echo ()

The block reports the distance of the nearest object from an ultrasonic sensor. It returns distance in cm. The trigger pin and echo pin are connected to a digital pin of evive which can be selected from the drop-down menu.

get voltage reading from () channel

The block gives the value of the voltage sensed on the sensing ports of evive. There are 2 ports red (voltage range -30 to 30V) and blue (voltage range -5 to 5V). 

Green Flag

The Green Flag is a programming feature that, when clicked, will start all scripts in that project that are hatted with the When Green Flag Clicked block. More simply, this block starts the project.
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