Sound Block

Sound blocks are color-coded pink and are used to control sound and MIDI functions.

play sound () until doneThe block will play the specified sound, pausing its script until the sound has finished playing
start sound ()The block will play the specified sound, with no pause to its script
stop sll soundsThe block will stop any sounds currently being played on all sprites and the Stage. Pressing the Stop button will also stop all sounds, but is rarely used as it also stops all the other scripts running in the project.
change () effect by () soundThe options for the Change () Effect by () block's drop-down menu are pan left/right and pitch. The input is for selecting how much the sound will be changed. A positive number will make the sound effect have more effect, while a negative number will make it smaller.
set () effecr to ()It changes Sound Effects.
clear sound effectsIt clears any sound effects currently in place. However, it does not stop sound currently being played.
change volume by ()The block changes the volume of a sprite by the specified amount.
set volume to ()The block sets its sprite's volume to the specified amount. It only affects the sprite (or the Stage) that the block is in.
volumeThe block holds a sprite's or the Stage's volume. This block can be displayed as a Stage monitor.

This work, “Sound Blocks”, is a derivative of “Sound Blocks” by Scratch, used under CC BY-SA 4.0. “Sound Blocks” is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 by STEMpedia.

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