Stage Mode

Stage mode is one of the two modes you can write your programs in Pictoblox. In this mode, you can write scripts for the sprite and boards like evive to interact with sprites in real-time. If you disconnect the board with Pictoblox, you cannot interact with the board anymore. In this mode, you can make games and animation interacting with evive.

You can toggle between the upload mode and stage mode using the button on the top right side of Pictoblox.


You have to upload the firmware into the device before interacting with it. You can do it by following these steps:

  1. Choose the appropriate board:
    Choose board
  2. Connect to the board, from the appropriate COM port:

    You will see the the following symbol when you have successfully connected the device.
  3. Click on upload firmware:
  4. After successful connection, you can once again connect the device, and then you are ready to work on stage mode using hardware.


In this example, we want to turn on an LED whenever you press tactile switch 1 of evive.

Stage Mode

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