Lessons for Feild: Electronics

Animating a Sprite

Animating a Sprite

What is Scratch programming? Exploring the different elements of Scratch in PictoBlox - sprite, backdrop, and blocks.
Touch-Based Fruit Piano

Touch Piano

How to make a touch piano using evive and conductors?

Conductors and Insulators

What are conductors and insulators? How to categorize different things into conductors and insulators using evive's touch sensors?


What is electronics? What is an electronic circuit? What is voltage and how to measure it using evive?
ABC of Analog Signal

ABC of Analog Signal

What is an electrical signal? What is an analog signal? What are its characteristics? What is a potentiometer? How to visualize a signal on evive's mini oscilloscope?
ABC of Digital Signal

ABC of Digital Signal

What is a digital signal? What are its characteristics? What is a switch? What are its types? How does it behave?
ldr circuit

Introduction to Sensors

What are the sensors? How are they categorized based on the output they provide? How to read digital and analog sensors using evive?
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