Lessons for Feild: Robotics

Introduction to Robotics

Introduction to Robotics

Teach about robots, their characteristics, types, application, and components. Demonstrate different robots for exposure.
Joystick Controlled Robot

Joystick Controlled Robot

Make a joystick-controlled robot whose motion is controlled according to the position of a joystick module attached to the robot.

Gesture Controlled Robot

Make a mobile robot controlled using gestures of the smartphone using the Sensor module in Dabble app.
Follow Me Robot

Follow Me Robot

Make a follow-me robot that is an autonomous robot and uses two IR sensors to follow the object in front of the robot.
Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Make an obstacle avoiding robot which is an autonomous robot, detect obstacles coming in front of it and avoid it using the ultrasonic sensor.
Gripper Control


Make a gripper using acrylic parts, a servo motor & evive, and program it using PictoBlox. 
Pick & Place Robot

Pick and Place Robot

Make a pick and place robot which is an extension to the smartphone-controlled robot with a gripper in front of it.
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