Battery Installation

evive comes without any internal battery inside it. The battery is provided with it separately in the basic kit. To get started with evive you have to first insert the battery inside evive first. Here is the complete battery installation guide.

Components Required: evive, battery, flathead screwdriver.

Follow the steps:

  • Unscrew the four bolts encircled (in blue) in the image from the back side of evive
   evive bottom casing screws
  • Remove the bottom (grey) half of the case by gently pulling it up.
Opening the Bottom Casing evive
  • Plug in the battery connector into the empty male socket as shown in the figure. Please note that the connector is unidirectional, i.e. it will only go in one way.
Connecting Battery to evive
  • Dock the battery securely in the slot provided. Take care that the battery wire remains inside the boundaries of the case.evive Battery Installed

  • Gently put back the bottom half of the case, and tighten all the screws that you had taken out in step 1.
evive Screws Tightening
  • evive is now ready to be powered by the internal battery. Start by pulling the power switch on the top corner of right face to the ‘INT’ state (towards left), as shown in the figure.
Poering evive
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