Lessons for Grade: 5th


Pose Classifier

How to detect pose from image? Build a pose model in Teachable Machine to classify different poses. Using pose blocks in PictoBlox to make ML projects.
Cat vs Dog

Introduction to Machine Learning

How is machine learning similar to human learning? How does machine learning cycle work? Making ML models using the image in Teachable Machine. Use of ML models in PictoBlox to make ML projects.
artificial intelligence online course for kids

Face Recognition

Understanding face detection from an image and how facial recognition works. Use of face detection blocks in PictoBlox
online AI course for kids

Computer Vision

Understanding human vision, computer vision, and its applications. How self-driving cars work? Artificial Intelligence extension and computer vision blocks in PictoBlox. Applications of computer vision.
artificial intelligence for kids

Introduction to AI

What is human intelligence? What is artificial intelligence? Advantages and applications of artificial intelligence.
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