Lessons for Grade: 6th


Pose Classifier

How to detect pose from image? Build a pose model in Teachable Machine to classify different poses. Using pose blocks in PictoBlox to make ML projects.
Cat vs Dog

Introduction to Machine Learning

How is machine learning similar to human learning? How does machine learning cycle work? Making ML models using the image in Teachable Machine. Use of ML models in PictoBlox to make ML projects.

Speech Recognition

How does speech recognition work? Using speech recognition blocks in PictoBlox.
artificial intelligence online course for kids

Face Recognition

Understanding face detection from an image and how facial recognition works. Use of face detection blocks in PictoBlox
online AI course for kids

Computer Vision

Understanding human vision, computer vision, and its applications. How self-driving cars work? Artificial Intelligence extension and computer vision blocks in PictoBlox. Applications of computer vision.
artificial intelligence for kids

Introduction to AI

What is human intelligence? What is artificial intelligence? Advantages and applications of artificial intelligence.


What is electronics? What is an electronic circuit? What is voltage and how to measure it using evive?
ABC of Analog Signal

ABC of Analog Signal

What is an electrical signal? What is an analog signal? What are its characteristics? What is a potentiometer? How to visualize a signal on evive's mini oscilloscope?
ABC of Digital Signal

ABC of Digital Signal

What is a digital signal? What are its characteristics? What is a switch? What are its types? How does it behave?
ldr circuit

Introduction to Sensors

What are the sensors? How are they categorized based on the output they provide? How to read digital and analog sensors using evive?
Child programming on Pictoblox

Introduction to Programming

What is a program? What are the different stages of writing a program? Introduction to PictoBlox software and its interface.
pencil shape tip

Drawing Shapes in PictoBlox

How to draw lines in PictoBlox using the Pen extension? How to use the repeat block to make the script easy to debug?
New Variable Pictoblox

Variables in PictoBlox

What is a variable and its purpose in a program? How to create a variable and manipulate its value in PictoBlox?
computer asking

Arithmatic Operators

What is the operator? What are the different kinds of operators in PictoBlox? What are the arithmetic operators?

Digital Output – LED State Control

What is physical computing? How to interface evive with PictoBlox in Stage mode? How to control the digital state of a pin to turn an LED ON and OFF?
Digital Input

Digital Input – Reading the State of Switches

What is digital input? How to read the state of a digital pin in PictoBlox? How to read the state (pressed or not) of evive tactile switch? How to read the state (up, down, or center) of evive's slide switch?

Draw shapes on evive Display

How to draw different shapes on evive TFT Display like rectangle, triangle, circle, lines, and ellipse. Assignment - Making a flag.
Beetle in a Maze - STEM activities

Beetle in the Maze

How to make games and animations in PictoBlox? How to read the sate of evive's navigation key?
Feeding Shark

The Hungry Shark Game

How to create clones in PictoBlox? How to detect contact between two sprites and perform actions accordingly?
Introduction to Robotics

Introduction to Robotics – Part 1

What are robots? What are their characteristics? Classification of robots. Applications of robots in different fields. Basic components of a mobile robot - gripper, wheels, and actuators.
Gripper Control


What is a gripper? How to use a gripper to automate tasks such as picking and placing objects?

Smart Hand Band for Blind People

What is an ultrasonic sensor? How does it work? How to connect it to evive? How to get the distance of an object using the sensor in PictoBlox?
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