Lessons for Grade: 6th

ABC of Analog Signal

ABC of Analog Signal

How to visualize an analog signal generated from the potentiometer on evive's mini oscilloscope.
Introduction to Motor

Introduction to Motor

What is a motor, its components and how to control its direction of rotation and speed using evive Menu?

DIY Turntable

Make a turntable and make beautiful drawing by controlling the direction of rotation and speed of the motor.
ldr circuit

Introduction to Sensors

What is sensor? How are they categorized based on the output they provide? How to read digital and analog sensor using evive menu?
Child programming on Pictoblox

Introduction to Programming

Teach the basics of programming using PictoBlox - it's user interface, stage, sprite, costumes, etc. and make a cool animation.
New Variable Pictoblox

Variables in PictoBlox

How to create, change and manipulate a variable in PictoBlox? Make a sprite moving a program to change its position using the keyboard.
computer asking

Arithmatic Operators

How do operators work in PictoBlox? Different categories of operators? Example of Arithmetic Operators.

Draw shapes on evive Display

How to draw different shapes on evive TFT Display like rectangle, triangle, circle, lines, and ellipse. Assignment - Making a flag.
Beetle in a Maze

Beetle in the Maze

Make a game in which the Beetle is finding its way into the maze to get to the apple using evive navigation key.
Feeding Shark

The Hungry Shark Game

Make a game where the shark needs to eat as many fish as it can in limited time. Shark is controlled using evive’s potentiometer.
Introduction to Robotics

Introduction to Robotics

Teach about robots, their characteristics, types, application, and components. Demonstrate different robots for exposure.
Follow Me Robot

Follow Me Robot

Make a follow-me robot that is an autonomous robot and uses two IR sensors to follow the object in front of the robot.
Gripper Control


Make a gripper using acrylic parts, a servo motor & evive, and program it using PictoBlox. 
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