Lessons for Grade: 9th

ABC of Analog Signal

ABC of Analog Signal

How to visualize an analog signal generated from the potentiometer on evive's mini oscilloscope.

DIY Goggles

Make a goggle which can open or close the shades using servo motor and evive.
ldr circuit

Introduction to Sensors

What is sensor? How are they categorized based on the output they provide? How to read digital and analog sensor using evive menu?
Child programming on Pictoblox

Introduction to Programming

Teach the basics of programming using PictoBlox - it's user interface, stage, sprite, costumes, etc. and make a cool animation.

Draw shapes on evive Display

How to draw different shapes on evive TFT Display like rectangle, triangle, circle, lines, and ellipse. Assignment - Making a flag.
Space-Battle-Game on Scratch

Space Battle Game

Make a game to control the rocket using a Smartphone and shoot the enemy coming.

Shoot the Bat – Game

Learn game theory concepts like animation, randomness, score and time constraint in PictoBlox by making this game.
Dodge Scratch Game Cover Image

Dodge Game

Make a game where the kid jumps and slides to dodge the obstacles coming in his way.
evive touch sensor2

Touch Based Piano

Make a touch-based piano using evive capacitive touch channels of evive and programming it in PictoBlox.
Introduction to Robotics

Introduction to Robotics

Teach about robots, their characteristics, types, application, and components. Demonstrate different robots for exposure.
Joystick Controlled Robot

Joystick Controlled Robot

Make a joystick-controlled robot whose motion is controlled according to the position of a joystick module attached to the robot.

Gesture Controlled Robot

Make a mobile robot controlled using gestures of the smartphone using the Sensor module in Dabble app.
Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Make an obstacle avoiding robot which is an autonomous robot, detect obstacles coming in front of it and avoid it using the ultrasonic sensor.
Pick & Place Robot

Pick and Place Robot

Make a pick and place robot which is an extension to the smartphone-controlled robot with a gripper in front of it.
Voice Controlled Light Bulb

Relay Module

Basics of the relay module, its working principle, and circuitry. Make a project to control the light bulb using evive and relay.

Touch Switchboard

Make a capacitive touch-based switchboard which controls the light bulb by touching fruits.
Soil MoistureSensor

Soil Moisture Sensor

Learn how to measure and monitor the soil moisture using evive and PictoBlox to keep plants healthy.
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