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evive is a one-stop electronics prototyping platform for all age groups to help them learn, build, debug their robotics, embedded and other projects. With an Arduino Mega at it’s heart, evive offers a unique menu-based visual interface which removes the need to re-program the Arduino repeatedly. evive offers the world of IoT, with power supplies, sensory and actuators support in one small portable unit.


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One Stop Solution
An all-in-one prototyping laboratory catering to a wide range of your hobby needs - efficient learning, easy building and quick debugging
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Visual Interface
Intuitive and re-programmable menu based interface with built-in functions and capability to easily add multiple user defined programs
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Portable and Safe
Compact, light weight, equipped with a rechargeable battery with added safety against reverse polarity, over-current and short-circuit
Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition
Precise voltage and current sensing, data visualization and logging features, comes with an inbuilt mini-oscilloscope and function generator
Internet of Things
Internet of Things
Multiple easily integrable wireless communication options make evive a perfect choice for IoT and home automation projects
Plug and Play Interface
Plug and Play Interface
Hasslefree hardware control - easily connect motors, servos, actuators, touch inputs etc. and control them directly from the menu interface
evive kit
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