Lesson Details
What is electronics? What is an electronic circuit? What is voltage and how to measure it using evive?


  • Measuring the voltage of a battery using evive.
Classroom Bundle Used: STEM Classroom Bundle, STEM Mini Classroom Bundle
Prerequisites: None
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Lesson Overview

Students will learn the following things:

  • What is electronics?
  • How an electronics circuit works with an analogy of Pump Water system.
  • Key terms and their meanings – Voltage, Battery & Polarity.
  • How to measure the voltage of an AA battery using evive.

The key learning from this lesson will be how electronics circuit works.

Material Required

1 set of the following material per group of 3-5 students:

Lesson Outline

Introduction - 5 minutes
What is electronics? - 10 minutes

Discuss what is electronics? Give a brief description and ask students to name 10 electronics devices that they can find in their everyday life.

What is charge? - 5 minutes

Tell students how electricity starts with electron or charge, by giving them very brief information about different parts of an atom. We will not go deep into the concept. We just want students to know from where charge come.

Pump water system - 10 minutes

Introduce pump water system to the student to make an analogy between water flow using pump and electronic circuit.

  • Water – Charge
  • Pump – Battery
  • The pressure generated by the pump – Voltage
  • Pipe – Wire
  • Rate of flow of water – Current
  • Thin pipe – Resistance
Basic electronics terms - 10 minutes

Discuss the meaning of the following key terms:

  • Voltage – Voltage is nothing but a type of pressure difference that a power source creates at its two ends. This difference makes the charge flow around the circuit.
  • Battery – Battery is the power source of the circuit which provides voltage.
  • Polarity – Polarity is the property of having two poles that have opposite physical properties: Positive and Negative.
Activity - 20 minutes

Discuss how to measure voltage using evive and perform the activity of measuring the voltage of a battery (AA) using evive.

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