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Understanding human vision, computer vision, and its applications. How self-driving cars work? Artificial Intelligence extension and computer vision blocks in PictoBlox. Applications of computer vision.


  • Identifying Celebrities from Images
  • Locating Objects in the Image
Classroom Bundle Used: Computer/Laptop
Prerequisites: None
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    Lesson Overview

    In this lesson student will learn about: 

    • Human vision
    • Computer vision and its applications
    • How self-driving car works
    • Artificial Intelligence extension in PictoBlox
    • Computer vision blocks in PictoBlox

    Key Learning Outcomes

    At the end of  the lesson, you will be able to:

    • Use Artificial Intelligence blocks in PictoBlox to identify the following in images:
      • Brand
      • Celebrity
      • Objects
      • Image Tags
      • Image Description
    • Make AI projects in PictoBlox using computer vision.
    • Understand how computer vision works.
    • Understand the application of computer vision in various industries.

    Material Required

    1 set of the following material per group of 3-5 students:

    ComponentImageQuantityAvailable in Bundle
    PictoBloxInstalled on Computer/Laptop

    Lesson Outline

    Introduction to Computer Vision - 25 minutes
    • How human vision works?
    • What is computer vision?
    • Understanding computer vision with example of self driving cars.
    Artificial Intelligence Extension in PictoBlox - 10 minutes
    Computer Vision Blocks - 25 minutes

    Exploring the various computer vision blocks using example.

    Activity 1: Identifying Celebrities from Images - 60 minutes
    Activity 2: Locating Objects in the Image - 45 minutes
    Application of Computer Vision - 15 minutes

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