Digital Clock using RTC

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    Lesson Overview

    The students will learn the following things:

    • What is Real-Time Clock or RTC?
    • How to configure the RTC to set the time and date in PictoBlox?
    • How to get the time and date from RTC in PictoBlox?
    • Activity: Making a digital clock displaying the time.

    Material Required

    1 set of the following material per group of 3-5 students:

    Lesson Outline

    Real Time Clock - 10 minutes
    • What is Real-Time Clock?
    • Real-Time Clock of evive.
    RTC Blocks - 20 minutes

    Demonstration of blocks for:

    • Setting the time of the clock – Hour, minutes and seconds.
    • Setting the date of the clock – Date, month, year and weekday.
    • Getting the time and date from RTC.
    Activity - 30 minutes
    • Make a clock showing the time using RTC.
    • Also, it will reset the time only when the slide switch 1 is in Up position.

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