Drawing Shapes in PictoBlox

pencil shape tip
Lesson Details
How to draw lines in PictoBlox using the Pen extension? How to use the repeat block to make the script easy to debug?


  • Creating scripts to draw a rectangle, triangle, and circle on the Stage.
Classroom Bundle Used: STEM Classroom Bundle, STEM Mini Classroom Bundle
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Lesson Overview

In this activity, students will make scripts to draw a rectangle, triangle, and circle on the stage using pen extension.

Material Required

1 set of the following material per group of 3-5 students:

ComponentImageQuantityAvailable in Bundle

Lesson Outline

Shapes - 10 minutes
  • What is the shape?
  • Most common shapes.
Setting up the stage - 10 minutes
  • Add the grid backdrop on the stage.
  • Add a pen sprite and edit the costume.
Pen extension - 5 minutes
  • Explore different blocks from the pen extension:
    • Pen down
    • Pen up 
    • Erase all
Activity 1: Making a square - 20 minutes
Activity 2: Making a triangle - 15 minutes

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