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Follow Me Robot
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    Lesson Overview

    In this activity, kids will make a follow-me robot, an autonomous robot, which uses two IR sensors to follow the object in front of the robot. The procedure for making the complete robot requires the following steps:

    • Assembly of the robot
    • Connecting the IR sensors and motor to evive.
    • Calibrating IR sensors to detect the object in front of it
    • Understanding the logic of the robot
    • Programming evive to replicate the above logic
    • Testing and debugging of robot
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    Note: This lesson may take 2-3 class to complete. So you have to plan ahead, what to cover in each session. We suggest you do it following way: 

    • Day 1: Assembly and testing of motors (Skip this if you have already done the smartphone-controlled robot as most of the things are repetitive).
    • Day 2: Calibrating the IR sensors and understanding the logic of the robot.
    • Day 3: Programming, testing and debugging of the robot. 

    Material Required

    1 set of the following material per group of 3-5 students:

    Lesson Outline

    Introduction and demonstration of the robot - 10 minutes
    Assembly of the robot - 40 minutes
    Calibrating motor using menu - 15 minutes

    Connect the motor to evive and using evive motor control menu, test if the motor is connected in the correct way.

    IR Sensor - 30 minutes
    • Connecting the IR sensors to evive
    • Understanding the working of an IR sensor. 
    • Calibrating the IR sensor to detect objects in close proximity.
    Logic Control - 10 minutes
    • Understand the logic of the robot for proper working.
    • Making a flow chart for the logic.
    Programming - 40 minutes
    Playing and debugging of the robot - 10 minutes
    Wrapping up the lesson - 5 minutes

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