Gesture Controlled Robot

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Prerequisites: None
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    Lesson Overview

    • In this activity, students will make a smartphone gesture-controlled robot whose motion will be controlled when you tilt the smartphone.
      • If the smartphone is tilted forward – the robot will move forward.
      • If the smartphone is tilted backward- the robot will move backward.
      • If the smartphone is tilted left – the robot will turn left.
      • If the smartphone is tilted right – the robot will turn right.
      • If the smartphone is flat or parallel to the ground – the robot should be at rest.
    • During the activity, students will go through the following activities:
      • Assembly of the robot.
      • Circuitry and testing the circuit.
      • Logic
      • Programming of the robot.
        • Reading sensor values and printing it on TFT display.
        • Controlling robot using gestures.
      • Debugging of the robot.
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    Note: This lesson may take 2-3 class to complete. So plan ahead what to cover in each session. You can skip the robot assembly part if you had students made a similar robot earlier. 

    Material Required

    1 set of the following material per group of 3-5 students:

    Lesson Outline

    Introduction and Demonstration of the robot - 10 minutes
    Assembly of the robot - 40 minutes
    Circuitry - 10 minutes
    • Connect the motors to evive.
    • Connect the Bluetooth module to evive.
    Logic - 10 minutes

    Discuss the logic behind the programming of the robot, like when should the robot do the following things:

    • Move forward
    • Move backward
    • Turn left
    • Turn right
    • Stop
    Printing sensor values on evive display - 15 minutes
    • Make the script to print the accelerometer X and accelerometer Y value on TFT Display.
    Programming the robot - 25 minutes
    Debugging and playing with the robot - 20 minutes

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