Introduction to PictoBlox (AI)

Introduction to Programming 10+
Lesson Details
Introduction to programming and PictoBlox. Getting familiar with Pictoblox’s interface.


  • Making an walking animation in PictoBlox
Curriculum: None
Classroom Bundle Used: Computer/Laptop
Prerequisites: None
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Lesson Overview

In this lesson, students will get familiar with PictoBlox.

Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of  the lesson, students will be able to:

  1. Work in PictoBlox efficiently
  2. Make projects in PictoBlox

Material Required

1 set of the following material per group of 3-5 students:

Component Image Quantity Available in Bundle
PictoBlox Installed on Computer/Laptop

Lesson Outline

What is PictoBlox - 10 minutes
PictoBlox User Interface - 10 minutes
How to make animation in PictoBlox - 40 minutes

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