Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Obstacle Avoiding Robot
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    Lesson Overview

    In this activity, kids will make an obstacle avoiding robot which is an autonomous robot and detect obstacles coming in front of it and avoid it using the ultrasonic sensor. The procedure for making the complete robot requires the following steps:

    • Assembly of the robot
    • Connecting the ultrasonic sensor, servo motor, and motors to evive
    • Understanding the logic of the robot
    • Programming evive to replicate the above logic
    • Testing and debugging of robot
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    Note: This lesson may take 2-3 class to complete. So you have to plan ahead, what to cover in each session. We suggest you do it following way: 

    • Day 1: Assembly and testing of servo motor and motors (Skip the assembly of the basic robot if you have already done the smartphone-controlled robot as most of the things are repetitive).
    • Day 2: Teach how to interface the ultrasonic sensor to get distance using evive and understanding the logic of the robot.
    • Day 3: Programming, testing and debugging of the robot. 

    Material Required

    1 set of the following material per group of 3-5 students:

    Lesson Outline

    Introduction and demonstration of the robot - 10 minutes
    Assembly of the robot - 30 minutes
    Calibrating motor using menu - 10 minutes

    Connect the motor to evive and using evive motor control menu, test if the motor is connected in the correct way.

    Calibrating the Servo Motor - 15 minutes

    Making the sensor face front when the angle of the servo motor is 90 degrees. 

    Ultrasonic Sensor - 20 minutes

    Connecting the ultrasonic sensor and exploring how to get the distance in PictoBlox.

    Logic Control - 20 minutes
    • Understand the logic of the robot for proper working.
    • Making a flow chart for the logic.
    Programming - 40 minutes
    Playing and debugging of the robot - 10 minutes
    Wrapping up the lesson - 5 minutes

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