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Lesson Overview

Students will make a game to control the rocket using a Smartphone (Using the gamepad module in Dabble App) and shoot the enemy coming.

Material Required

1 set of the following material per group of 3-5 students:

ComponentImageQuantityAvailable in Bundle
USB A-B Cable1
DabbleInstalled on Phone
PictoBloxInstalled on Computer

Lesson Outline

Introduction & Demonstration - 10 minutes
Setting up the Stage - 5 minutes
Readying the Rocketship - 15 minutes

Make a script to control the rocket using a gamepad module and perform the following actions:

  1. On pressing left button – Rocket goes left.
  2. On pressing the right button – Rocket goes right.
  3. On pressing triangle button – Rocker shoots the bullet.
Script for Monstors - 15 minutes

Write 2 scripts for the monsters to: 

  • Create multiple monsters using clones.
  • Assigning the action to the clone:
    • Appearing randomly on the top of the stage and going downwards.
    • Detect if the bullet touches the monster and hiding it.
    • Detect if the rocket touches the monster and decreasing the health.
Shooting Bullets - 5 minutes
  • Make a script for the bullet, where it will start near the rocket and then move upwards until it touches edge or the monster.
Pair with Dabble & Play - 10 minutes

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