Visualizing Resisitor-Capacitor Circuits

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Lesson Details
What are capacitors and their effect on a circuit? Why does an LED’s brightness vary slowly due to capacitor charging and discharging?


  • Making an RC circuit and visualizing the charging and discharging of a capacitor on evive's mini oscilloscope.
Classroom Bundle Used: STEM Classroom Bundle, STEM Mini Classroom Bundle
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Lesson Overview

Students will learn the following things:

  • What is a capacitor?
  • What is a capacitor made up of?
  • How does a capacitor work?
  • Activity: Visualizing RC (Resistor-Capacitor) charging and discharging circuits on evive mini-oscilloscope?

Material Required

1 set of the following material per group of 3-5 students:

Lesson Outline

Capacitor - 10 minutes
  • What is a capacitor?
  • What it is made up of?
  • The polarity of a capacitor – Anode and Cathode.
How capacitor works? - 20 minutes
  • How does a capacitor charge in a circuit?
  • Capacitor charging voltage graph.
  • How does a capacitor discharge in a circuit?
  • Capacitor discharging voltage graph.
Visualizing RC Circuits - 30 minutes
  • Make the RC circuit.
  • Visualise RC charging voltage variation on evive mini oscilloscope.
  • Visualise RC discharging voltage variation. 

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