evive BioTech Kit

FingerPrint Sensor

You, little benevolent human being, whose ancestors spent centuries understanding your biological self, are fortunately blessed with plethora of knowledge about the same today. What could be more exciting than understanding yourself better – watch your pulses jump up & down, measure the tallest friend, assist visually impaired fellows, analyze your breath, feed your Doctor fantasy with a digital thermometer, visualize muscle activity and protect your priced possessions with your fingerprint!

Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL) is a network established by NITI Aayog, India under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) with the objective to endorse the STEM system of education, by cultivating curiosity, creativity and, imagination in the young India.

evive BioTech Kit – because he who understands self, conquers the world.

Projects You Can Make With The evive BioTech Kit

Inside The evive BioTech Kit

EMG Sensor

1 x EMG Sensor Kit

Optical Fingerprint Sensor

1 x Optical Fingerprint Read Sensor

Pulse Oximeter

1 x Pulse Oximeter

MQ 2 Gas Sensor

1 x MQ3 Gas Sensor

MQ 2 Gas Sensor

1 x MQ2 Gas Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor

1 x Ultrasonic Sensor

Temperature Sensor DS18B20

1 x Temperature Sensor (DS18B20)


10 x 4.7 kΩ Resistor


15 x 10 kΩ Resistor

Male Male Jumper 20cm

20 x Male – Male Jumper Cable

Male Female Jumper 20cm

20 x Male – Female Jumper Cable

Female Female Jumper 20

20 x Female – Female Jumper Cable

Why The evive BioTech Kit?

easy to use

Easy to Use

Assembly, circuit and program of all the projects is simple and easy to make.


open Source

Open Learning Resources

All the tutorials, projects and programming software are free for everyone.


hardware compatibilty

Hardware Compatibility

The kit is compatible with evive and most of the Arduino Boards. 


Software Compatibility

Software Compatibility

You can write your program in Arduino IDE, Scratch and many more software platforms.



You will learn the basic implementation of drip irrigation system.

self awareness of humabody

Self Awareness

Learn more about human body and different parameters related to human body.

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