evive IOT Kit

The evive IoT kit is the perfect means to introduce the basics of wireless communication to students. With simple assembly, hardware and software compatibility, and numerous learning resources​

Inside The evive IoT Kit


1 X evive (without internal battery

evive Battery

1 x 3.7V 2600mAh Lithium Ion Battery

Banana Cables

1 x Banana Cable

Screw Driver

1 x Flathead Screwdriver


5 x M3 Bolts of 12mm length (VESA Mounting)

Terminal Block

1 x DC to Terminal Block

HC05 Bluetooth Module ATL

1 x HC05 Bluetooth Module

ESP8266 WIFI Module

1 x ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module

Relay Single

4 x 5V Relay

Motion Sensor

1 x PIR Motion Sensor


2 x Light Dependent Resistors

Jumper Cables

Jumper Cables:  25 X Male to Male Jumper Cable | 25 X Male to Female Jumper Cable | 25 X Female to Female Jumper Cable

Water Pump

1 x Water Pump 12V 3 W

Soil Moisture sensor

1 x Soil Moisture Sensor


1 x Temperature Sensor DHT11

Power Adapter

1 x 12V 2A Power Adapter

EU AU Converter

1 x EU-US Converter (Provided on Request)

EU-US Converter

1 x EU-AU Converter (Provided on Request)

Why The evive Iot Kit?

easy to use

Easy to Use

Assembly, circuit and program of all the projects are simple and easy to make.

open Source

Open Learning Resources

All the tutorials, projects and programming software are free for everyone.

hardware compatibilty

Hardware Compatibility

The kit is compatible with evive and most of the Arduino Boards. 

Software Compatibility

Software Compatibility

You can write your program in Arduino IDE, Scratch and many more software platforms.

data cloud

Data & Cloud

You will learn the basic data logging and how to work in cloud.

wireless communication

Wireless Communication

You will learn the basics of wireless communication using Bluetooth Modules.

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