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PictoBlox Mobile App

Learn Scratch Coding on the Go

PictoBlox App is the Scratch mobile app version of PictoBlox – our advanced Scratch blocks-based graphical coding platform that was loved by hundreds of thousands of educators, students, and makers all around the world.

PictoBlox App brings Scratch coding to your phone and makes it easy and fun to learn basic coding by jumping right into practical coding by animating your own games, programming and controlling robots in real-time, and making interactive DIY projects.

Take a sneak peek into what makes PictoBlox App the best Scratch coding app out there to learn basic coding:

What Makes PictoBlox App the Ultimate Scratch Mobile App

Scratch Coding in Mobile

Based on the latest version of Scratch, Scratch 3.0, thus making learning basic coding easy and enjoyable.

Real-Time Hardware Control

Easy interaction with projects and robot control by creating their scripts and running them in real-time.

Extensions for DIY Projects

Extensions with dedicated blocks for making projects based on the IoT, controlling actuators, sensors, etc.

Interactive In-App Courses

Engaging premium courses that teach the basic concepts of coding, robotics, game design, and more.

Intelligent Assessment

Real-time assessment within the in-app courses to ensure retention of the concepts being taught.

Board Compatibility

Compatible with the Arduino Uno, Mega, Nano, ESP32, evive, micro:bit, Lego WeDo, and Mindstorm.

Download the PictoBlox scratch coding app NOW and learn to code anytime, anywhere!

Download the PictoBlox scratch coding app NOW and learn to code anytime, anywhere!