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Starter Kit is a perfect start into the amazing world of robotics, electronics and programming. Unleash your creativity and learn to make your own smartphone controlled robot, interactive computer games, touch piano, pick and place robot, security system, alarm clock, light following robot, science experiments, pet feeder and much more. Lets get started and transform your ideas to reality.

You can build a variety of projects with evive Starter Kit

What you get with evive Starter Kit

Light Dependent Resistor

8 x Photo-resistor


2 x 220 μF or 100 μF Capacitor 

Tactile Switch

10 x Pushbutton

Micrro Servo

2 x Micro Servo with Accessories

HC05 Bluetooth Module ATL

1 x HC05 Bluetooth Module


1 x XY-axis Joystick Module

Ultrasonic Sensor

1 x Ultrasonic Sesnor

Ultrasonic Holder

1 x Ultrasonic Holder

IR Sensor

2 x IR Sensor

BO Motor

2 x Dual Shaft BO Motor

BO Motor Clamp

2 x Motor Clamps

BO Motor Wheel

2 x BO Wheel

Servo Mounting Plate

1 x Servo mounting Plate

Servo Holder

1 x Servo Holder

Base Servo Holder

1 x Base Servo Holder

Light Tracker Plate 1

1 x Light Tracker Plate 1

Light Tracker Plate 2

1 x Light Tracker Plate  2

Gripper Claw 1

1 x Gripper Claw 1

Gripper Claw 2

1 x Gripper Claw 2

Gripper Plate 2

1 x Gripper Link

Gripper Link

1 x Gripper Link


1 x Base Plate


1 x Book

LED Red White Yellow Green

10 x Blue LED | 10 x Red LED | 10 x Yellow LED | 10 x Green LED


1 x Castor Wheel

Aligator Clips

6 x Alligator Clip

Cable Tie

Cable Ties

Jumper Cables

20 x 20 cm Jumper (M-M)
20 x 20 cm Jumper (M-F)
20 x 20 cm Jumper (F-F)


15 x 220 Ω Resistor | 10 x 1 kΩ Resistor | 10 x 4.7 kΩ Resistor | 15 x 10 kΩ Resistor | 10 x 1 MΩ Resistor


Standoffs: 2 x 15mm M3 (Male to Female) | 5 x 20mm M3 (Female to Female) | 4 x 30mm M3 (Female to Female)


Fasteners: 6 x M2 bolts of 12mm Length | 10 x M3 bolts of 12mm Length | 6 x M3 bolts of 25mm Length | 25 x M3 bolts of 8 mm Length | 4 x M4 bolts of 16mm Length | 6 x M2 Nut | 
25 x M3 Nuts | 4 x M4 Lock Nuts

Benefits of Starter Kit

First Step

Get into the world of electronics, robotics and programming with learning by doing.

Easy to Use

Assembly, circuit and program of all the projects are simple and easy to make.

Open Learning Resources

All the tutorials, projects and programming software are free for everyone.

Hardware Compatibility

The kit is compatible with evive and most of the Arduino Boards. 

Software Compatibility

You can write your program in Arduino IDE, Scratch and many more software platforms.

For All

No matter who you are? School or College student or hobbyist. This kit is for you.

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