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Smartphone Controlled Plant Watering 600px

Plant Monitoring System

IntroductionMonitoring plant health is very important for their fast growth. In this busy world, people…
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ldr circuit

How to interface LDR with evive

Introduction A Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) or a photoresistor is a resistor whose resistance changes as the intensity of…
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evive Analog Pins

Analog Input Pins

evive has 10 analog input pins of 10-bit input. User can connect analog sensors directly and can visualise data in menu interface.
read analog pin

read analog pin ()

The block returns the value of analog pins available in the connected hardware. Analog reading is of 10-bit resolution, hence the range of value is 0 to 1023. This range is mapped to the voltage of the pin (normally 0 to 5V). If the value received is 512, the voltage value will be around 2.5V.
read analog sensor

read analog sensor ()

The block reports the analog reading from analog sensor varying between 0 to 1023, connected to the selected analog pin.
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