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DIY Candy Claw Machine

IntroductionEyes on the prize, Violet. Eyes on the prize! Get ready to challenge your friends…

DIY Digital Tachometer

IntroductionA tachometer is a handy instrument for engineers and enthusiastic hobbyists alike who like to…
DIY Fingerprint Locker

DIY Fingerprint Locker

IntroductionBored of keeping track of countless locks and their keys? How about using your own…

DIY Flashing LED Cube

IntroductionChristmas is coming! So is the time to decorate homes! This year, how ‘bout taking…

DIY Lightsaber

Introduction At one point in time all of us have imagined ourselves to be a…
Password Based Door Lock

DIY Password Based Door Lock

IntroductionDale Carnegie gave us ‘How to stop worrying and start living’. We’re here to add…
DIY Smart Rat Tracker

DIY Smart Rat Trapper

IntroductionRats! The single most annoying creatures in every household! They nibble away anything and everything…

DIY Smart Trash Bin

IntroductionDo you think trash bins can be smart? Have you ever seen a trash bin…

DIY Touch based Controller

IntroductionKids play games on Smartphones. Men play games on PC, with a game controller. But…

IOT Based Home Automation

IntroductionYou’re comfortably sitting on your bed with your laptop in front playing your favorite movie.…

Line Following Robot

IntroductionIt may not know who you are. But it will look for you and it…
Simple Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm with Two Motors

IntroductionIn this project, we will make the robotic arm without any end effectors. There will…
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Arduino IDE for Loop

Arduino IDE: for Loop

Introduction A loop statement allows us to execute a statement or group of statements multiple…
evive arduino variables

Arduino IDE: Variables

Introduction A variable is used to store a value or an information so that we can…
Arduino IDE while Loop

Arduino IDE: while Loop

Introduction While loops execute a statement, or a group of statements continuously, and infinitely, until…
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