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Beetle in a Maze

Beetle in a Maze

IntroductionThe time has come to do something super exciting! We are going to create an…

DIY 3D Printed Text Display

IntroductionIf you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special, look no further! The DIY…

DIY Arcade Basketball Game

Introduction“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”…

DIY Archery Robot

This project will show you how to make an archery robot.

DIY Autonomous Biped Robot

IntroductionIf you love animated movies, then you most probably know how cute WALL-E is! And…
DIY Battle Tank

DIY Battle Tank

IntroductionEnemies trying to pull you down and obstruct your journey to success? Well, they don’t…

DIY Candy Claw Machine

IntroductionEyes on the prize, Violet. Eyes on the prize! Get ready to challenge your friends…

DIY Digital Tachometer

IntroductionA tachometer is a handy instrument for engineers and enthusiastic hobbyists alike who like to…
Electric Fire cracker (1)

DIY Electric Firecracker

IntroductionSwoosh! Bam! Sparkles! Firecrackers are always the life of the party, be it Diwali, the…

DIY Flashing LED Cube

IntroductionChristmas is coming! So is the time to decorate homes! This year, how ‘bout taking…

DIY Follow Me Robot

IntroductionWe will move forward and design our first autonomous robot. This robot will follow any…

DIY Lightsaber

Introduction At one point in time all of us have imagined ourselves to be a…

DIY Music Reactive RGB Lamp

IntroductionNo party is complete without some mind-blowing party music and flashy lights. But nothing can…

DIY Pinball Game Machine

IntroductionAnd we’re back to make your weekend merrier with another one of the most popular…

DIY RC Shopping Cart

IntroductionWe got you the DIY Shopping Cart that could be controlled with your Smartphone. But…

DIY Smart Hand Band for Blind

IntroductionThe 21st century is seeing tremendous technological advancements. These advancements are amazingly taking care of…
DIY Smart Rat Tracker

DIY Smart Rat Trapper

IntroductionRats! The single most annoying creatures in every household! They nibble away anything and everything…

DIY Smart Smoke Detector

IntroductionYou know what they say about small fires? It’s always better to put them out!…

DIY Touch based Controller

IntroductionKids play games on Smartphones. Men play games on PC, with a game controller. But…

IOT Based Home Automation

IntroductionYou’re comfortably sitting on your bed with your laptop in front playing your favorite movie.…

Line Following Robot

IntroductionIt may not know who you are. But it will look for you and it…

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

IntroductionIt is an autonomous robot which will be able to avoid every obstacle in its…

Space Battle

IntroductionBy now, you have written a good number of programs in PictoBlox. It’s time to…
Feeding Shark

The Hungry Shark

IntroductionSharks are hungry creatures. And so is the one in our game! The aim of…
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