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DIY Archery Robot

This project will show you how to make an archery robot.
DIY Battle Tank

DIY Battle Tank

IntroductionEnemies trying to pull you down and obstruct your journey to success? Well, they don’t…

DIY Follow Me Robot

IntroductionWe will move forward and design our first autonomous robot. This robot will follow any…

DIY Smart Shopping Cart

Introduction Visiting malls can be fun. But dragging the Shopping Cart along as you fill…

The Breakdance Showdown

IntroductionThe greatest Breakdance showdown is back in town, and the best breakdancer the town has…
Smartphone Controlled Plant Watering 600px

Wirelessly Controlled Drip Irrigation System

In this project, you will control the drip irrigation system wirelessly using your smartphone. By using Bluetooth module and evive you will control the water-pump and thus be watering the plants.

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