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evive Tactile Switch Pushbuttons

How to Read evive’s Switches in PictoBlox

This tutorial discusses what are switches, evive's switches and how to read them in PictoBlox, and making a Torch using evive's pin 13 LED, tactile switch, and potentiometer.

Interfacing evive with PictoBlox

This tutorial discusses how to interface evive with PictoBlox, the evive palette, the two modes for writing scripts in PictoBlox, and how to upload a script to evive.

How to use a Tactile Switch with evive

This tutorial discusses what are switches, types of switches, pull-up and pull-down resistors, and how to control the pin 13 LED on evive using a tactile switch with the help of an Arduino IDE sketch.
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evive Tactile Switch Pushbuttons

Tactile Switch

Introduction The two tactile switches are connected to Arduino pins 38 and 39, both active…
tactile switch pressed

tactile switch () pressed?

evive has two tactile switches; this block checks if either of them is pressed. The switch whose state you want to check can be chosen from the drop-down menu on this block. It returns “true” if the switch is pressed and “false” if the switch is not pressed.
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