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Plant Monitoring System

This project demonstrates how to track parameters like moisture of the soil, sunlight, humidity, and temperature of the plant environment and display it on evive display.

Smartphone Controlled Plant Watering 600px

Wirelessly Controlled Drip Irrigation System

In this project, you will control the drip irrigation system wirelessly using your smartphone. By using Bluetooth module and evive you will control the water-pump and thus be watering the plants.

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evive TFT Display

How to Manipulate evive’s TFT Display

This tutorial discuss evive's TFT Display, the blocks under evive TFT Display extension, and certain example programs to show the usage of different blocks in Scratch mode.

How to interface water pump with evive?

This tutorial discusses how we can interface water pump with evive . How we can control the speed of water flow using the evive menu? How we can control the speed using potentiometer with a simple scratch code.All the answers are given in this tutorial.LET'S BEGIN....
TFT Graphics

How to Draw Shapes on TFT Display

This tutorial discusses about the functions in the evive TFT screen library in Arduino IDE that help in drawing different shapes on the display with the help of a simple Arduino Sketch.

How to use evive’s Capacitive Touch Inputs

This tutorial discusses what are capacitive touch sensors, evive's capacitive touch input, and how to control the touch sensors in evive, with the help of an Arduino IDE sketch.
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