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In this project you’ll learn how to make your very own lightsaber using evive and other objects around you.

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At one point in time all of us have imagined ourselves to be a part of the Star Wars universe and wield a lightsaber to fight the bad guys and save the universe. Only if it was possible to have one in real life!

What if you were told that it is indeed possible to make your very own lightsaber?

You read it right! Get ready to make a lightsaber of your own and defend your land against Darth Vader.
Ready for some action? Let’s begin then!

Components Required

ImageComponentQuantityAvailable in Kit
Multi Colour RGB Lights1 Meter
  • None
Thick Cardboard1
  • None
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks1
  • None

Building Guide

Step 1: Assembly

For making the lightsaber, the main component we need is the RGB strip.

Thus let’s start with assembling it.

  • Take the RGB of the desired length and stick it on both the sides of the cardboard strip or bar which is the same length as the strips.RGB on Acrylic Sheet
evive Notes Icon
We have used an Acrylic bar.
  • Next thing we need to do is, to connect the wires to the RGB strips. This can be done with the help of soldering.
  • Solder three wires to +5 V, DIN, and GND pins as shown in the figure.RGB wires
evive Alert
Do this step under the supervision of an adult.
  • As the blade is now ready, we need a holder for it.
  • We have made a 3D printed holder or gripper, you can use the cardboard to make the holder.Holder
    Make sure you leave a holo space in the middle of the holder so that the wire of the strip can pass through.
  • Using Glue Gun attach the holder ends.Attaching Holder 1 Attaching Holder 2
  • Let’s wrap a butter paper around it to make it look good.Dots of LED
  • Now, as you must have noticed that as we have covered it with butter paper, the brights spots are being seen. The light is not dispersed as we see it in Star Wars.
  • Thus, we’ll use the foam sheet to wrap around it so as to disperse the light.
  • Cut a piece out of the foam sheet of the size of the blade and wrap it around using tape.Wrapping in Foam
  • Finally, warp a butter paper around it. This will make your sword look smooth.Wrapping with Butter Paper
    And your lightsaber is now ready.
evive Notes Icon

You can also decorate the blade if you want.



Step 2: Circuitry

The three wires connected to the RGB Strips are connected as follows:

  • GND to GND of evive
  • +5V  to  +5V of evive
  • DIN  to  Pin No. 3 below the breadboardneo_pixel_fritzing

Step 3: Code

Below is the code to make your lightsaber glow in different patterns.

Step 4: Conclusion

With this you lightsaber is ready for action!

Go ahead and use it wisely to defend your land against enemies who try to take it over!

May the force be with you.

Circuit Diagram

DescriptionCircuit Diagram

The three wires connected to the RGB Strips are connected as follows:

  • GND to GND of evive
  • +5V  to  +5V of evive
  • DIN  to  Pin No. 3 below the breadboard


DescriptionDownload Code
Code for LightsaberDownload
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