DIY New Year Greeting Card

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This project will show you how to make a DIY New Year Greeting Card using the quilling technique.

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Gifts and cards that are made by hand are always more thoughtful, more valuable, and add more meaning to the festive spirit; and of course, it involves a whole lot of DIYing and joy! So, this time, taking a break from our regular projects, we decided to the creative mile (for STEM is all about curiosity and creativity!) and make a DIY new year greeting card using the quilling technique! It is super fun, super easy, and the result is always extraordinarily beautiful!

So, who wants to put a smile on their loved ones’ faces? Hop on board and start quillin’!

Components Required

ImageComponentQuantityAvailable in Kit
Colour Chart Paper2
  • None
Quilling Paper1
  • None
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks1
  • None

Building Guide

Step 1: Making the Quilling Parts

Take an A3 Paper of your choice and fold it in half to make the card.Take the cardboard Fold it from the center

Now we will start making the components we need to decorate the front of our card.

We are going to do some quilling art.

You can make as many items as you want.

We have made flowers of different shape and size. All you need to do is wrap the quilling paper around the quilling machine.Flowers 1 Flowers 1 Decor Items

Glue the end and give the shape you want.

Step 2: Making of Message Card

Next is the message card, where you can write your personalized message.
Paste the blank chart paper upon the other side of the paper.Take a blank Paper Glue for Personalized Message

We are making the pull-out card for the other side of the card.

Take a square size paper upon it, paste the message you want to give them or you can add the photos you want.Take the color paperMAke your personalized Message

Next, take the other piece of chart paper and make the size of the square pieces. Then from the top edge, draw the lines at a distance of 2 cm of the same size. The number of lines should be equal to the number of squares you have made.Take the color paper Take the paper

Paste the square papers at each line and fold the chart paper from the last edge. Make sure that the length of the base paper is more than the length of the squares when glued together.Pull out Card

Paste this on the left side of the card using glue.Glue the Pull out card

Finally, to make the card more attracting, we have a cut out of other color paper in the shape of the heart. Glue it at the four corners.Corner Cards

Write your messages everywhere.Personlized Message 1 Personlized Message 2

Finally, completing the front of the card. Glue the quilled pieces according to your wish. You can randomly place the pieces and still create a beautiful card. Add Quilled Paper Final Card

Step 3: Conclusion

With this, your DIY new year greeting card is ready to spread some smiles! A very happy and STEMtastic new year to you from the entire team of STEMpedia!

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